How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor
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Making a decision about the baby monitor to buy for your child is generally challenging, even with all the reviews available on the Internet. For people purchasing a baby monitor the first time particularly, even knowing what you need to consider can be difficult. The good news is, we’re here to help make sense of baby monitor reviews and get a monitor that is good for your family. You should be assured to leave the nursery and depend on the device to inform you when your child needs you, that's why it is important to choose the monitor most suited to your home and lifestyle.

baby monitor reviews

Things to consider when shopping for a child monitor

Thick Walls and Electronic Appliances

These devices work by sending audio and at times video information, allowing you to listen for starving bellies and diapers that are uncomfortable, but essentially looking after your child’s safety. Usually, the baby monitor best for your household is the one, which, according to the reviews offers the best quality of sound, wherever you are in your house.

The baby monitor’s signal is your link to your boy or girl, however it can be disrupted by solid walls, or susceptible to interference from a number of household objects, such as microwave ovens, laptop computers, other monitors, mobile phone devices, to name a few. In case your broadcast is being affected by disturbance, you will not be getting the best audio from your monitor and may not listen if your child needs you. As a general indicator, if you have a lot of electronic goods, dense walls or neighbours with babies and their own baby monitors, then interference might be an issue.

Luckily, disturbance could be simply negated by current monitors that have digital encryption to bar undesirable wireless frequencies. As you might understand, analogue units are considerably more prone to interference and, whilst they’re low cost, your child’s safety is extremely important. When you’re reviewing baby monitor reviews, find devices that transmit at 900MHz or higher. The thing is that these frequencies aren't normally utilized by other electrical appliances and are not easily cut off by thick walls.

Thick walls are not the only thing that you’ll need to keep in mind however; how large your home is, will also affect your monitor’s reliability. While getting the unit, be sure to confirm that the unit's range is suitable for your property. Keep in mind, the claims on the box are a maximum, which are determined by tests in the open field. In a real home, the range could be up to thirty times less than the claim, this is the reason that after buying a monitor, it's well worth ensuring the range reaches where you require it. Many baby monitor reviews will definitely express if a monitor's range is much shorter than claimed. Various devices feature maximum range alarms, which inform you if you are reaching the broadcast limit of the system

baby monitor reviews

Different Kinds of Monitors

Alongside the conventional monitors that offer only audio feed, several brands today sell baby video monitors that have small cameras that have infrared capability - allowing you to view the reason for your newborn’s disturbance via the parent unit you have. These units are fantastic for assisting parents to check if there's anything really serious going on and if they should go to their child, but they are rather pricey and feature a much shorter battery life. When thinking about getting a baby video monitor, do not forget that the video can’t show you when your baby is crying, therefore sound quality is obviously the crucial child safety feature to base your decision on. Additionally, video baby monitors feature a broadcast range much shorter than the audio models, so you should make sure the monitor operates properly throughout you house.

Other Things that You Must Consider

In addition to these core features for your baby's safety, modern day baby monitors are available featuring many additional functions. Many models feature programmable lullabies and nightlights in order to help fitful sleepers drift off to sleep if they stir at night. Some models have they feature that they can warn you when the room becomes too hot or cold, alert you of any movement in the room, remind you when you have to feed your child, or provide a function of two-way communication to allow you to talk to them! If you read baby monitor reviews, you can decided the functions you need for your device.

Don’t forget, the great number of functions your unit has the higher the demand on the battery. Even the monitoring system with the most features in the world cannot ensure your child’s safety if your unit has no power. To ensure that your monitoring system is never without power, you can purchase tools that alert you if the battery is low, but getting a system that has two parent units could be a much better option. This allows you to charge one unit plugged in the main switch in the room you are mostly in, whilst carrying another unit with you, letting you move around with lesser restrictions as well as constantly ensure the safety of your child.

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Reviews of Baby Monitors

Despite the fact that there are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a baby monitor, look after your baby's safety (and your sleep!) by looking to it that you buy the most suitable device for your child.

On the top side of the scale, you have the Phillips AVENT DETC Baby Monitor range. Even though expensive, this model has incomparable quality of sound and, through use of digital encoding technology, ensures that you can hear your new born remarkably, without having to worry about the chance of interference. All products featured in the AVENT line have adaptable sensitivity, remotely activated nightlight, range as well as battery alarms, along with two-way transmission. If you look at the more expensive models, they feature the ability to detect temperature, video monitoring using infra-red as well as additional parent units.

Households searching for a more economical choice might like the MBP 16 by Motorola, which has clear sound quality, two-way transmission, temperature alerts as well as lullaby playback at an economical price. The expensive models in this line also feature video function with support for as much as four cameras.

Welcome to my blog!
baby monitor reviews, nicole
Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! I’m mother of 3 beautiful kids – 14, 6 and my youngest is only 7 months old. I know it’s not easy to be a mom especially for a busy mom like me. When I had my second child multitasking was a bit hard. I decided to have my own online business so that I can be with my kids all the time. Things were still not easy though – having a baby and watching over him still needs time. So my friend recommended to get a baby video monitor which I loved the idea.
baby monitor reviews
I realized that baby monitor was really a big help. I can watch over my son while attending to my online business or meeting with business partners at home or just doing some household chores. From then on, I’ve used a lot of video monitors from different brands because either I was not happy with the previous device I got or I just wanted to try another one.

I started recommending baby monitors to my friends and found out that some of them were having a hard time choosing which specific brand and model to buy. These are high tech devices so most of them are not cheap. I put up this blog to share some tips, advice and baby monitor reviews to help you decide when shopping for the device. Some are easy to use while there those that have sophisticated features which would take a bit of time to get familiarized with.

Anyway, I hope to share more posts in the coming days and weeks. I will review some of the baby monitors I’ve used and the ones I’m using recently for my little baby boy. Yes, as I was typing this I’m watching over him while he was comfortably sleeping in his room on the second floor.

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